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Sample image Sipho Makkhabane will be performing at Community Prayer Centre (CPC KZN), Date: 03 October 2011. Don't miss this wonderful moments of Big Fish.


Pastor Ncanda

Pastor NcandaThe South African Province of KwaZulu Natal has given birth to another gospel power house in a form of a duo comprising of a husband and wife, Ndabenhle and Ncamisile Khwela. He started singing from a very early age; he was an active member of the school and later community choirs where he ended up being the member of Sound of Praise, this was just the displaying of a God given talent that cannot be put under the table.

After he has given his life to Christ and served under Umlazi Faith Mission which became very instrumental in refining his musical talent, he got married to the love of his life with whom they became Pastor Ncanda, long before Ncamisile met the pastor she was very involved in her church’s musical activities, They did not only combine their names, they brought together their singing talents, to share with the nation.

Their singing raised eyebrows at the funeral of one of the radio personalities in their neighbourhood where they thought they were just comforting the mourners, only to impress many people among them was Andile Ka Majola who was already a well known established recording artist, he later encouraged them to take their talents to another level.

That special moments led to the release of their debut album in 2007 titled Useduze name, translated He (God) is closer to me, as new as they were in the gospel music industry they were surprised by the huge amount of support they received from South Africans, the market responded very positively to their music despite the little knowledge they had of the gospel market.

When the business relations soured up with their recording label they felt much stranded, but they never looked back they continued serving the Lord with their voices. Early 2009 they had a huge conference at the church, Community Prayer Centre, the congregation they started in 2004, Hlengiwe Mhlaba was invited to perform. Their singing impressed Hlengiwe Mhlaba who was touched and offered to take them out of their misery; she arranged studio recording, marketing and distribution for their second album, Today we can confirm that Nkosi Usisizile is released under Big Fish Music,a home for many successful gospel artists,  The title is so relevant considering the history of their musical Journey. The bitterness has finally come to an end.

When asked to sum up his take on the new release he said “Nkosi Usisizile is an album which comes from our hearts, is the collection of testimonies that we have been witnessing in our daily lives, we cannot contain our gratefulness, it is a summary of our many testimonies which needs to be told”

Anyone can tell that this is one of the best releases for this year, it a mixture of worship and praise songs, it lacks nothing that can be wanted by the soul of a gospel fan, Wangithwala is one track that carries the mind of this album.

“This is not an ordinary album, we prayed and asked God to use the massage in the songs to touch and change people’s destinies, as we are here now in KZN we know that God is using  it to reconstruct lives in the countries and provinces that we could not reach” said Pastor Ncanda.

The man who started as a nobody has became somebody, his career is divinely taking shape, He was handpicked by the legendary Sipho Makhabane to take over his singing ministry to the uttermost parts of the world.  The handing over of a micro phone received a standing ovation, The Big Fish’s fans approved of his choice of the man who will take his legacy to the next level, the dazzled and yet humble Ncanda stepped slowly towards Makhabane who gave him his blessings to take up where he left off, All these happened early in 2010 when Makhabane was recording his final DVD.

Just after the event, they both headed for the studio to record Pastor Ncanda’s third album which is his first under his new role as the ambassador of Sipho Makhabane and the Big Fish Music, NGEGAMA LAKHO JESU is the title of the new album ‘The album is a WOW , suprise –suprise : every song is a hit.. the lyrical content is more powerful, it managed to display his spiritual growth and musical maturity, The relevance of the message is directed to all the people across age groups, young, old, male or female there is a message in it for all.